Band-Aids And Weight Loss


I’m going to rant ok?  Get a little outspoken and tell you what’s on my mind.

Say what? I do that all the time?

Well then we’re good to go!

You may, or may not have heard the FDA has given approval on a new weight loss device. Basically, it’s a tube implanted in your side, to your stomach, and three times a day you have to empty food from your stomach to prevent calorie intake. It roughly limits or cuts 30% of calories consumed.

All I can do is wonder if it will contribute to possible eating disorders when someone knows they can eat food and then vent it out the side of their stomach avoiding excess calories. Like a new kind of bulimia.

Hear me out. I’m not opposed to someone who is obese and needing to lose a great amount of weight having a surgery if that’s the only option for their health.

My mom had gastric by pass surgery so I have a working knowledge of the how’s and why’s people go through such a drastic decision.

Sadly, I’ve seen many people go through these surgeries and eventually wind up almost back where they started.


Without being counseled and changing their behaviors and mind set towards food they will naturally gravitate back to what they know.

Their mind and behaviors haven’t changed even though their bodies can now only accept a small amount of food.

Without an understanding of their relationship with food and the “whys” of what makes them reach for it there won’t be a change.

I know before these surgeries patients are often encouraged to attend  psychological classes to help them deal with the weight loss and how it will impact them, as well as nutrition classes to understand more about healthy eating.

These are optional and many forego attending.

With obesity at staggering numbers in the U.S. many are seeking some type of surgery to “fix” the problem.

Adult Obesity in the United States.
According to the most recent data released September 2015, rates of obesity now exceed 35 percent in three states (Arkansas, West Virginia and Mississippi), 22 states have rates above 30 percent, 45 states are above 25 percent, and every state is above 20 percent.

My concern with this (new) surgery or some of the other existing ones is that it’s a Band-Aid.

Without dealing with underlying issues and how food affects that person and their reasons for reaching for it and the “whys” of  why they over eat,  the surgery is a Band-Aid on deeper issues.

Just knocking the weight off isn’t always the problem.

I would also include any other magic potions and gimmicks on the market today. They are simply a Band-Aid to the deeper issue.

Food, for many, is a crutch, an emotional support system, a friend, a comfort, a soothing satisfaction to a hurt or weary soul. It’s eaten out of boredom, loneliness, fatigue,  habit, and needs that might not even be known.

I’m not saying that there aren’t many who go through this process, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and why they do what they do, are successful in weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle because there are.

But there are a vast majority that won’t. They will slowly and steadily revert back to what they’ve always done without a mental change taking place.

The surgeries, shakes, drinks, pills, powders, and any other method will not have lasting success without addressing the deeper issues at hand.

If you are considering any of these procedures, please be sure and attend the recommended classes, educate yourself, and most importantly, seek to understand food and it’s role in your life beyond being fuel for your body. Exercise is also so crucial and important in the process after surgery and needs to be approached in a slow and steady way.

Taking practical steps will help you towards your goals of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit 🙂