Running girl who loves inspiring and motivating others
Sometimes it’s just fun to let it all out and embrace life.


Straight forward I’m a lover of running, cycling, lifting heavy things, being strong and healthy, black coffee, Peanut M&M’s, fun and interesting people, big challenges and new adventures. I love life, the journey getting to this point, and not staying “in the box”.

It’s my desire and hope to motivate and encourage others into a lifestyle of fitness and health. I love using my story, where I’ve been, my journey along the way, where I am now, and where I’m going to show others that it’s possible to not only get fit and healthy, but that they can take on challenges bigger than they ever thought possible.

I want others to be empowered in what they can accomplish. I love celebrating their successes and seeing them achieve new goals.

My approach is simple and it’s what I’ve done to lose weight and get strong and fit. I tossed the entire “diet” thing and just lived one day at a time making sensible and good choices the majority of the time. I allowed treats along the way, I built in consistent, growing exercise that I enjoyed doing and looked forward to doing, I learned to make better food choices, and eat appropriate amounts.

8 years out and counting I still maintain a 55lb loss, 5 pants sizes smaller, and who knows how many inches gone. I think, this process might work πŸ˜‰

I have a stronger more fit body than I’ve had most of my life.

Through my blog I hope to inspire, challenge, motivate, and encourage others to pursue a lifestyle of health and fitness. I want to share everything from exercise ideas, to sound nutrition, some fashion goodies (cause I love that stuff too!) and sensible ways to make a slow steady “lifestyle” change… which hopefully… might not be horribly painful…..and heads up …… I’ll talk about running… probably a lot…. but promise to not woefully bore you with it.

Oh yeah, and expect some random, quirky humor along the way to liven things up.

I hope you come along for the journey =)

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