I’m Now A Dissident Gym Wear Ambassador



I’m really happy to announce and share with you that I was contacted by a newer company, Dissident Gym Wear, to rep their line.  Dissident sells not just athletic wear, but they are also on a mission with a vision to empower and motivate others to be the best they can be.

I’m excited to align with this company as I feel their vision resonates deeply with me and what I believe and what I too, want for others.

Part of their ambassador statement says…

“Our Brand Ambassadors are bold and fearless. They don’t accept the status quo and won’t silently obey what they’re told. They do more than what is expected of them. They push the boundaries and lead the way with determination, inspiration and dedication. They show others the way to greatness. They know that hard work and sheer strength of will makes them stronger, both, physically and mentally. They live life on their terms and live it well.”

After reading so much about them I knew that I wanted to be involved in a company with a mission to empower people… oh and who offer really cool athletic wear 😉

As an Ambassador I’ll be sharing on my blog at various times what’s going on with the “Dissident Army” and share new apparel as it becomes available.

They offer items for weight lifting, but also clothing that is designed for whatever athletic activity you engage in.

Go check them out. And when you place your order, use my code, cathiedlr, for 15% off your order.