Running Adventures


A place to organize some of my running achievements

Half marathon
After my second half marathon, Rock N Roll San Antonio
Half marathon
At the Rock n Roll Expo before my first half marathon
Tired, but victorious after my first full marathon in 89 degree heat!
Half marathon
Cool medal from one of my favorite local races…. the Alamo 13.1 This is the medal from their inaugural race.
Moments after the finish of my second marathon Dec 7, 2014
Moments after the finish of my second marathon Dec 7, 2014
Finish at my second full marathon…. knocking 33 minutes off my time from my first.


Finish line of my first full marathon. 89 degrees that day… it was a beast
Half Marathon
After my finish in Ft Worth at the Cowtown races March 1, 2015. Another half marathon under my belt.


Cj 10K
Showing off a little before my first 10K
On the course in my second full marathon. Rock n Roll San Antonio
alamo 13.1
Taking on a hill….almost to the top…. fourth half marathon.



Half Marathon
After the finish of my first half marathon… tired…but so thrilled to have done it!
Red Dress Run
This was a fun event at hubby’s work. A red dress run to bring awareness to women and heart disease.
Being silly at the Expo….


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